Do you sometimes feel like you just need to getaway somewhere? Doesn’t matter where as long as you just go! I’ve been feeling like this for a while, specially during this time of lockdown, Coronavirus and uncertainty. I’ve been stuck at home trying to keep myself busy and occupied. Making sure I have some sort of routine so I don’t go mad. I was doing ok but every once in a while the reality would hit me and I got a bit deflated, aimless and a bit depressed. I thought: `To hell with this!’ and I went online to look for a place to go… to escape to.   After a very extensive search I found this beautiful pod! The craziest things was that it was only an hour or so away and I never knew it existed. Right at my door step. The location was perfect. Nothing around you but nature: fields, forests and hills. It looked so peaceful and perfect and exactly what I was looking for, so I booked it.   On Monday morning we got ourselves all ready and packed and we went. It felt good just to get in th…

Uses for notebooks

I'm a massive fan of stationery and I really mean massive! Everything from post it notes to folders and everything in between. Don't ask me why but whenever I buy or get pens I get really excited and happy. I know it's just pens but I do love them.   One of my dreams is to have an office with a beautiful desk at the window (you see, I have it all planned out) with really good storage places; drawers, bookcases and shelves, where I can have all my stationary beautifully organised and colour coordinated (I am a little OCD... and I like things to look nice!). 
  Anyway, before I get even more off topic, let's get back to it. We've already established that I'm an OCD stationery junkie. That's a fact! However, the one stationery item that I love the most is notebooks! I could have a whole bookcase dedicated to notebooks... if I could of course! They are so practical and they look pretty. How can you not love them?!    The other day I was doing some thinking abou…

Living through the screen

Hi everyone
  Remember when I told you that this blog will have no bullshit and nothing but honest and real posts? Well, this post is as real as it gets. I hope you agree. 
  So, a few days ago I was having a chat with Sam (for anyone who doesn't know, he's my fiancĂ©) about everything, nothing and everything in between.  At one point we started talking about phones and phone usage and the chat got really interesting! It was so interesting that I decided to write a post about it and the topic is very relevant and I thought it would interest a lot of people.
  Let me go way back to the time when I was younger and where mobile phones where not as a big of a deal. The times where a Nokia 5110 was the thing! The one we had was yellow and I still remember the green stand/holder for it. I bet my sister and brother-in-law still remember this phone! If you are younger than 22 you may not even know what I mean. That phone had a yellow/green-ish screen that was tiny and it had an antenna! Y…

Backup plans

Hello again

  Summer is coming and because of lockdown we are still very limited to what we can do and where we can go. The restrictions will ease off little by little but maybe not enough to be able to stick to the plans we might have had for this summer holidays.   Sam and I had plans in place for summer, couple of trips, one to Orkney and one to Liverpool. We were really looking forward to them. We absolutely love road trips and traveling. I also had plans for Sam's big 30th birthday. I'm not going to tell you the details yet because if we are lucky enough that might still happen but I'm not holding my breath. I'll tell you this much, it was going to be a place where we would escape to for a few days and where there is nothing around you, but nature; no people, no traffic, no emails, no work! Just a well deserved weekend where we would be able to relax and enjoy the peace and serenity! You must be thinking 'Awww, how romantic!'. Well, it would be, but unless t…


Hi everyone 
  The biggest topic right now is obviously the lockdown so I thought I might as well jump on that bandwagon.    It's been almost 12 weeks since the lockdown happened and I'm not going to lie, it's been a heck of a roller coaster! A lot of ups and downs! No work, no routine, too much food and way too much TV!    At first, I thought this could be a nice break from everything and a chance to relax and do things I don't usually have the time to do. That was true, I cleaned the whole house (it's only a one bedroom flat so there wasn't that much to clean anyway) from top to bottom. Every room was looking great. I was really pleased with myself! I started reading more books again, which was amazing. One of the things I love to do, is to sit on the sofa with my cosy blanket, cup of tea and a good book. Makes me feel calm, cosy and warm. Even just thinking about it makes me smile (I know what my plans are for tonight).   After a few weeks passed, there wasn'…


Hi everyone!  This whole blogging is very new (and very exciting) to me  but let’s start from the beginning. As you already know my name is Anna. I’m originally from Poland but living in U.K. I’ve decided to start a personal blog as a hobby and a way to express myself. I’m not expecting anything to come out of it but it was something I wanted to start for a while. I’ve been thinking about blogging but never had enough courage to actually do it. I thought to myself, what’s the worst that can happen? No one will read it and follow it? Well, it doesn’t matter! If it makes me happy then I have absolutely nothing to lose. Be brave, don’t be a chicken and bloody do it! The last thing I want is to start ‘what if-ing’! 
  I’ve read a really inspiring book that some of you might have read, ‘The 5 second Rule’ by Mel Robbins. That’s another reason why I started this blog. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Do it!... so I'm doing it! If you’ve read this book, you know what I mean by that! 
  As I was doing some r…